Customers protest car dealership


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A car dealership in Wilmington is under fire. Customers say the cars they bought are not up to par. Several of them gathered to protest across the street from Lovitt’s Auto and Truck Center on Carolina Beach Road.

Owner Kenny Lovitt tells us only one of the protesters bought a vehicle from him. The rest were paid to hold signs.

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One customer said the truck he bought from Lovitt’s three months ago has cost him thousands of dollars in repairs and put his family in danger.

“The motor could have locked up, we could have been going down the highway 60-70 miles an hour,” said Chris Wilhoit. “I’ve got small children, you know, you take people at their word, unfortunately sometimes that’s not what you get.”

Lovitt did not want to comment on camera. But he said the protesting customer signed a waiver to deny a warranty, so he is not liable.