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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) – Wilmington resident Terry Noe recently completed her 30th year as a Certified Jazzercise Instructor.
Her passion started as a child, but it was in 1984 when she began spreading her joy.
Noe has been teaching in the Port City for 10 years now, but Saturday’s class was taught with a little more meaning.

Noe said, “The class was to reminisce on 30 years of not only styles changing, but equipment changing.”

Although some of the outfit choices she said she could have done without, “A lot of make up with a great big flower in my hair,no shoes, stirrup tights, and a leotard.”

As the technology has changed, the love Noe has for teaching and bringing fun to fitness has not. “The dancing just keeps me going,” Noe said.

The people keep her going too.

“I get more from the class than they could ever possibly get from me,” says Noe.

From a fusion of jazz dance, resistance training, and yoga, Noe just can’t explained it any other way than fun.
Noe said, “It’s just pure one hour of pure joy.”
Joy, that was 30 years in the making.


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