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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Wilmington Police say officers responded to a ShotSpotter alert Friday night when a Domino’s delivery driver drove up to a scene at 11th and Hall Streets, and said he had a rifle pointed at him.

The driver said the resident at 1520 Corbett St. pointed the gun at him, so officers cleared that home. While investigators were there, they noticed marijuana plants in plain sight and obtained a search warrant.

They confiscated several marijuana plants. They also arrested Jason Ray Oxendine Jr, 29, for assault by pointing a gun. Investigators say it does not appear Oxendine fired any shots, but a shell casing was found near 11th Street.


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  • Guest2020

    I agree with you that his prior convictions aren’t for violent crimes. I agree that his convictions are indicative of him being an adict. However, your statement that addiction is a disease is erroneous. Drug addiction comes about because of choices. It can likewise be overcome by making choices. If he still has problems with addiction, there are a good rehab programs out there that can help him overcome it.

  • Let the truth be known

    Love grove is a nice neighborhood, With a mix of all different ethnic groups. Young families who are starting out. As far as Jason is concerned, he has had a past but does not always define who you are as a person. Since his coma for a drug overdose, which by the way, left him having to relearn every basic skill such as walking, talking, & eating etc.., there have been some cognitive issues as well. However rest assure he is not walking around Nhc or Brunswick county as a top level priority career criminal. Although, I’m sure the pizza delivery guy did not think it was funny, Jason with his warped sense of humor was trying to be funny. And furthermore he was told by the owner of the registered shotgun that it was a airsoft gun….. Even the Wilmington police thought so.. I am appalled by the influx of people who for one do not have their facts straight, and make comments regarding situations… Jason doesn’t have over half of every charge being assaults do your homework sir its public record. The problem is that drug addiction, it is a real disease and this is why his criminal record reflects larcenies and burglaries… And the criminal justice system haha we all know what the problem is with that and BTW if one were to use court appointed attornies and if found guilty,one s required to pay the fees.

  • Guestfree4all

    Hes still a scumbag criminal druggie who sucks off the system.

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