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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — US Senator Kay Hagan rallied supporters in Wilmington Saturday.

The Democrat spoke with supporters about her opponent, NC House Speaker Thom Tillis, and his impact on education in North Carolina. She says there’s a big contrast between her and Tillis, especially when it comes to the topic of education.

“For five year our teachers didn’t get a pay raise, and boy, do our teacher deserve a raise,” Hagan said. “By gutting our education, that means fewer teachers, larger class sizes, outdated textbooks. To me education in North Carolina is sacred.”

Sen. Hagan says she will be reelected for a second term in the US Senate.


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  • FloorSuper27

    Now Helen, how many times have we told you to stop sneaking into the computer room after bed check and posting remarks from Alicia Keyes to yourself?

    Did you think we wouldn’t notice your post today because you posted your comment to a story from several months ago? Poor Helen. Reality just isn’t your strong suit. Looks like we’ll have to remove all of your Alicia Keyes DVDs for a while.

  • Thanks for your views Helen.

  • Bob Batson

    I see how Democrats have generally ruined America the last 6 years, Hagan is one of the worst.

  • smurfCityThom

    The loonies are out on this one. ( Unmoderated forums are troll playgrounds, it seems. )

    Thom Tillis needs to be sent back to Florida. What exactly has HE done to HELP North Carolina?

  • guest45

    well Kay, tell us exactly what you have done to make th state of NC a better place to live, here I’ll help you, you have done absolutely NOTHING, except be a mouthpiece for the present administration, whatever the chief Demorat wanted you to do, you replaced a fine woman, one that fought hard for NC, you have even set back and let the ILLEGALS run rampant, I hope all we hear from you is the door hitting you on the behind, and a lot more of your kind to boot, GOOD RIDDANCE!

  • guest of the month

    WOW, The TIN FOIL HATS are out in full force today.
    All of the tin foil hat Buzzwords are making their way into the responses.

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