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BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Another rain-soaked weekend meant more closures along NC 133 in Brunswick County. It left River Road looking more like a river than a road.

Now drivers and neighbors alike say they have some major concerns.

For the third time in the last month, crews had to block off low-lying areas of NC 133 over the weekend.

Virginia Melvin and her cousin Joann Vaught have lived next to one of those areas for more than 40 years.

“It’s getting worse every time it rains,” Melvin said.

Brunswick County Emergency Services Deputy Director Scott Garner says it may not look bad when it’s not raining, but conditions change quickly.

“As soon as we get a little downfall, it’s going to be right back to flooding to the point where it is unpassable,” Garner said.

Melvin says that is a big inconvenience.

“You can’t go up this way. You have to go around Boiling Spring (Lakes), and sometimes you can’t even go through that,” she said.

She says her husband cannot go to work when the road is blocked and driving anywhere around the closure takes too long.

“It’s not fair,” Melvin said. “Nobody is putting gas in our cars for us to have to do that.”

Now Vaught has a bigger concern.

“Not being able to get medical assistance if we need it or fire assistance if we had to have it in the proper time. Of course we know we live in a rural area, but every minute counts,” Vaught said.

For their family’s sake they do not want to see any more road closures.

“It’s more than just putting a road block up and saying you cannot go through,” Melvin said. “Hey! Let’s fix the problem and get rid of the road blocks.”

The NCDOT says it is exploring any and every way to fix it. The DOT says any draining system is going to experience problems with large amounts of rain like we’ve seen lately.


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