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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A man upset with Duke Energy Progress got a rather unexpected phone call today that turned out to be good news.

Michael Love simply wanted to move from one apartment to a smaller one around the corner, but because of a miscommunication on his account and one late payment, Duke Energy wanted to charge him a $200 security deposit to move his service.

Duke Energy told us deposits are designed for customers who have bad credit, which means more than two missed payments, but Love did not meet those requirements.

Confused and frustrated, the disabled veteran was shocked when he got a call from the Public Utilities Commission today.

“He contacted Duke Progress,” Love said. “They had everything reviewed, and they’re reversing their decision, because I was exactly right. It wasn’t like I was some person who was totally neglecting his bills.”

Love will not have to pay the $200 security deposit, but he says it was never about the money, it was more about the morality of the situation.

We contacted the Utilities Commission to find out why they got Duke to reverse the decision, but they only said they decided to reconsider the matter and waive the fee.


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