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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Wilmington Police have charged a shooting victim after they say they found homemade bombs at his home.

Around 9:30 p.m. Wednesday officers responded to a ShotSpotter alert in the 300 block of Barclay Hills Drive. When they got there, they found Silas Pipkin Dobyns, 25, who told police he was walking when some men asked him to come over to them. He refused, and then heard 3-5 shots fired. Police say one of the shots hit Dobyns in the arm.

Before he went to the hospital, police say Dobyns asked the officers to go back to his house at 314 Barclay Hills Drive to make sure it was locked up. Police say when they got to the home they found two bottles that appeared to be Molotov cocktails by the front door. When they looked inside they saw another Molotov cocktail on a table just inside the front door. Police say the items were bottles filled with what smelled like gasoline with a gasoline soaked cloth hanging out. They also found a military-style bulletproof vest in plain view inside.

Police say the fire department came and destroyed the devices, and Dobyns went to the hospital. Officers later served Dobyns with a warrant for possession of weapons of mass destruction.

According to the New Hanover County Jail, Dobyns was booked in last night around midnight and released under $35,000 secured bond about an hour later.


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  • special effects technician

    I to know Silas, but I want to get something straight to all of these people making comments about this incident and his connection to the special effects in Wilmington. He does not work with pyrotechnic. Only licensed and trained professionals handle pyro on set. He is a mere trainee. plus we do not use Molotov cocktails for special effects. Everything is controlled and planed out in advance. This idiotic kind of behavior is just another punch in the eye to an industry already in danger of being extinguished in NC. He had no reason to have something that dangerous in his house unless he was going to do something stupid. There is way more to this story than is being told. What the hell where you thinking Silas? You have just destroyed any chance of ever working in special effects again. No one deserves to get shot, but you have just shot yourself in the foot! Pun intended.

  • guest123455

    It took me two seconds to research his name to verify he works in the film industry in the art department. How come the news couldn’t verify this and put it in the article?

  • This is ridiculou!

    I’ve know Silas a little over ten years, he has been a good friend of mine. He is very intelligent and a great, amazing person; best goofy laugh. I mean his job is working with pyrotechnics? Silas couldn’t and would never hurt anyone. We actually just lost a really close friend of ours a little over a month ago and I know this is not helping one bit. It would be nice if we knew a description of this shooter!! I’m sorry Silas, I hope this goes away soon, you don’t deserve this at all!

  • Guest2020

    I do not know this man. I do not know his intent, but based on the opinion of others, this man had no intention to commit any violence. I tend to believe them or else he wouldn’t have asked the police to go to his house. However, this man broke the law by having these things in his possession. The police did what they were supposed to do by enforcing the law. The rest of it is for the courts to sort out.

    By the way, I think the weapons of mass destruction charge for a couple molotov cocktails is beyond ridiculous. By that definition, there very well could have been wmds in Iraq.

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