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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The Wilmington Police Department says it took appropriate disciplinary action after two officers used force during an arrest in May.

Today, police released video showing what happened.

WPD says on May 7 officers Riccardo Young and Claude Crumpler responded to a breaking and entering call on Princess Place Drive. The officers then found Stanley Aldridge, 54, fitting the description, at this bank parking lot.

“Are you intoxicated, sir?” one of the officers asks Aldridge in the video.

Aldridge then told police officers he was trying to get some crack. The officers told Aldridge’s wife on the phone that they were trying to work with him.

“Well, I’m trying to get him out of the streets,” the officer said.

Then officers said they offered to take Aldridge to the hospital, because they said he was too drunk to go to jail. But after a lengthy conversation video of the incident shows Aldridge approach the officers. In the video, Young slams Aldridge onto a car.

“Stanley, put your hands behind your back,” an officer said. “You acting foolish, man.”

A public records request revealed Young has been suspended three times in the past, and Crumpler has been suspended once, including last week, when Young was suspended 60 hours and Crumpler docked 12 hours. WPD cannot say for what due to personnel rules.

The officers will not face criminal charges, though. Assistant District Attorney Tom Old, who reviewed the video, wrote in a letter clearing the officers, “I saw no actions on the part of either officer that would amount to a criminal offense. They took those steps necessary to protect themselves and place him in their vehicle.”

We could not reach Aldridge for comment. His lawyer has not called us back. In his letter Old said Aldridge’s attorney expressed no concern over the nature of the arrest.


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