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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Wilmington Police are investigating an early-morning shooting that left one man dead and another seriously injured, according to WPD spokeswoman Linda Rawley.

Police responded to the corner of 6th and Wright streets around 3:30 a.m. for a ShotSpotter alert. When they got there, they found Edmund Rasheed Lane, 33, and Danny Miller, 52, both shot multiple times. Lane later died from his injuries. Miller is still in the hospital.

Investigators found multiple shell casings at the scene, but they have limited information about the shooting. Police are asking for your help with any information about the shooting. Call (910) 343-3609 or Text-a-Tip by sending your tip to CRIMES then type TIP708 then your message.


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  • PublicAvenger

    There is no way the police can prevent a murder. Half the robbers they catch, red-handed, are back on the street, in less then a week. You can thank our lawyer controlled court system. I guarantee you this killer, was a even bigger criminal then the victims.

  • concerned

    What happened to the two previous comments I submitted? Seems like someone at WWAY is apparently censoring comments for their own unsubstantiated reasons. What gives? I was just stating facts and offering suggestions for how the city could possibly eliminate all the shootings , stabbings and robberies in your public housing/ inner city areas. Please explain what happened to my earlier comments. Sounds like my opinions are being suppressed for some unknown reason. Thank you.

  • guesty

    Chief Evangelous can tell their mothers that crime is down. He said so.

  • whocares

    anymore. really.

  • taxpayer

    saw nothing, heard nothing, know nothing.

  • concerned

    Apparently it seems all these killings, stabbings and robberies seem to all happen in inner city hoods. Why doesn’t the city along with the police chief set up a few command posts and have officers in full riot gear going through these troublesome areas after 11:00 pm every night and locking up all these scumbags that are prowling the streets at that hour. Instead of hiring all these officers from surrounding departments every weekend to man DWI checkpoints you could arm them and send them into these rat and gang infested areas. That way these idiots would see police presence and leave. Call it profiling call it harassment call it what you will. Like they say …… if the shoe fits. Have a police force that will clean this garbage up will be beneficial to the whole city. Having a DA with balls enough to put these lowlifes in jail and keep them there will also help matters.

  • PublicAvenger

    Maybe they weed out idiotic comments.

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