Leland to cut down 200 oak trees in Magnolia Greens


LELAND, NC (WWAY) — Soon, Magnolia Greens won’t be as green as it is now.

The golf community currently has about 600 trees lining the roadway.

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But the town plans on cutting down about 200 of them.

Leland town manager David Hollis says cutting them down wasn’t the town’s idea.

“It’s not just the town’s recommendation to cut down the trees, we’re basing the recommendation off the state,” Hollis said.

The state urban forestry division surveyed the area about a year ago and pointed out some problems with the trees.

Live oaks are blocking street lights damaging sidewalks and sitting dangerously close to pipes and transformers.

“It’s these trees that need to come down,” Hollis said.

Some folks living in the neighborhood aren’t too happy about it. One neighbor tells us that’s why she moved to Magnolia Greens.

“They are what make that neighborhood and that neighborhood is what started all this great development that we have in Leland. They’re just gonna cut them down. I think it’s gonna be a shame,” she said.

Neighbors that don’t want to see the oaks go think the homeowners association should have looked for a resolution… rather than just chopping them down.

“If you go to Southport or downtown Wilmington, those towns have found ways to keep the oak trees and ways to keep the roots from causing the sidewalks to crack. So I know there’s definitely solutions to it,” a neighbor said.

Other neighbors we spoke with say it’s a shame but it has to happen.

The project is expected to cost around $25,000 and should take around 2 months.

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