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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Police say ShotSpotter alerts led them to a man who was caught firing a Glock within Wilmington city limits, leaving a bullet hole in his neighbor’s home.

They say officers got an alert for shots fired in the 100 block of N. 31st Street, which were picked up from about three blocks away. Police say when officers first got to the area, they then heard an additional activation from ShotSpotter, alerting them to the 200 block of 31st Street.

That’s where police say they spotted James Aaron Jinwright, Jr., 38, walk from behind a van with a Glock pistol in his hand. After officers told Jinwright to drop the gun, they arrested him and found PCP in his possession. Police say they also discovered a fresh bullet hole in a neighbor’s car, which was across the street, along with two shell casings nearby.

They say Jinwright appeared impaired at the time of his arrest. He is charged with possession of a firearm by a felon, discharging a firearm within city limits, property damage and possession of a schedule II drug.


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  • guest2014

    What he did isn’t justifiable. He has to suffer the consequences for his actions.It’s time for him to grow up and become a better man for his family and children. The comments about his family and girlfriend is irrelevant. I do know them and all that’s being said is not true. Plus his girlfriend is a damn good woman who works hard to take of hers. Nobody knows but assumptions will be made.
    Jinwright keep your head. Do what you have to do and get out of the PORT!

  • Donald Jr.

    Some people can be so mean, tes what he did was wrong and out of line, but please dont bring his family into this…he just needs help! He made avery poor decisions! Pray for him instead of bashing him!

  • Creekwood

    He high as hell, he in jail like…what did I do!
    Damn bruh!
    Dude this hotta stop this somebody could have seriously been hurt

  • Katrina Riverbark

    It saddens me that this man wants to ruin his life by doing foolish thing, I.e drugs, shooting guns, etc. I pray he gets it together before its too late! Break this cycle Jinwright! People like you make our race look bad! The FAMILY is praying for you

  • Wilmington Native

    He used to sell drugs, but now he use them…I guess he doesnt know that drugs are detrimental to him! This wanna be thug who never was raised in any projects or hood could have easy went to college and did something with his life. I feel sorry for his mother all of her hard work trying to raise him was in vain!
    Almost 40, with nothing.better to do but shoot guns and mess up peoplehouses, Cars etc. Things people work hard for! He doesnt care because he has nothing, but a jealous girlfriend who thinks everyone wants him. He’s a junkie! PCP. BOAT. COKE. whatever else he van mix with his marijuana! Some will never learn!
    These desperate women still like these so called bad boys, I call it low life bum
    Thanks for arresting him, if not someone would have been injured, dead, or he would have killed himself!

  • Givens, T

    There was a time when he thought he was on top of the world…he never was he just did a great job pretending and fooling you ALL! Now that he is played out and everyone figured him.out…he fell off, I mean…he needd attention! Those drugs make him feel like he’s the man!
    The sad thing is some woman was foolish enough to name her child after him, as if that was something to be proud of! I hope she’s praying that the innocent child is NOTHING like his father Jobless,Boat smoking,wwomanizing,criminal,crook, worthless scum bucket!

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