16-year-old shot and killed, police looking for 5 suspects


CHADBOURN, NC (WWAY) — Police in Chadbourn say they are trying to identify five men they believe were involved in the shooting of a 16-year-old from Clarkton.

Chadbourn Police Chief Robert Mumblow says Travis Bellamy was shot and killed around 5 p.m. Saturday. Mumblow says Bellamy was standing on West Institute Street talking on his cell phone when a silver car driven by his cousin arrived, and he began talking to the people inside. Then shots were fired from down the street. Bullets hit the vehicle and Bellamy was shot in the side and head. Witnesses say the car quickly turned around and drove away.

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Neighbors would not identify themselves, but they say Bellamy was in a gang, and they believe this shooting was gang related.

Police say they have no evidence that indicates this was a gang-related murder.

Reports say they found Bellamy lying on the side of the road. He had a two weapons in his pockets: a 9mm handgun and a .22 caliber pistol. There was no sign Bellamy used either of those guns to return fire.