Dismembered cats left on lawns; human or animal attack?


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A story we reported has folks wondering if the dismembered cats left on lawns along Amber Drive near Pine Valley is the result of an animal attack or from a human.

You asked, could this possibly be the result of a coyote or a disturbing display of animal cruelty.

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Within days of each other, there have been two reports of dismembered cats left on the front lawn of two different houses.

Images of the most recent cat cut in half with near surgical precision are so graphic we can’t show them on TV.

This kind of act by a human is considered a felony, but what if it wasn’t a human?
New Hanover County Animal Services supervisor Judy Evonko says there’s always a possibility but she does not think it’s likely.

“The cat was very clean, it wasn’t like an animal had mauled it or anything,” Evonko said.

Typical signs of a coyote attack include wounds around the head or neck. This cat and showed no signs of those type of injuries.

“It’s just weird, almost like they washed it afterwards,” Evonko said.

She adds, she has not seen this kind of mutilation in her more than 20 years on the job.

Neighbor Ashley Moore has been posting fliers looking for her cat “Christmas.”
She said she worries the same thing could happen to her pet.

“It’s sick, just thoughts of serial killer keep running through my mind,” Moore said.

Authorities with the Sheriff’s Office say they have no way to connect the two incidences and they do not have any leads.

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