McCrory’s $1 billion borrow for roads questioned


    CHARLOTTE, NC (AP) — There are questions about Gov. Pat McCrory’s plan to borrow $1 billion for new highway construction.

    The Charlotte Observer reported that McCrory’s plan might fund highway projects that do not rank very high on a new data-driven priority system the governor created last year.

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    The borrowing plan announced last week is designed to kick-start projects that would boost economic development, especially in rural areas.

    Charlotte Mayor Dan Clodfelter said the projects included on the latest list do not seem to be in line with the ranking system developed last year.

    A proposed $128 million bypass around Rockingham in the new plan was in the bottom 35 projects of about 460 projects evaluated using last year’s ranking system.

    Transportation Department officials say the new list has not been finalized.

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