Board of Elections receives appeal, will discuss next week


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The NC Board of Elections will discuss an appeal filed by a New Hanover County resident challenging actions at a precinct in Wilmington on Election Day.

The protest filed by Chris Anderson claims the handling of sample ballots at the Williston Middle School precinct violated voting statues. Anderson’s appeal at the county-level was dismissed.

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NC Board of Elections spokesman Josh Lawson told WWAY last week that the state board will hear appeals Dec. 9 if the appeal was postmarked on Tuesday, November 25.

The appeal is currently holding up the swearing of newly-elected commissioners, Skip Watkins and Rob Zapple. Zapple and candidate Derrick Hickey finished tight in the race; Hickey requested a recount and after the recount, Zapple won the second open seat.