New Hanover Sheriff’s Office welcomes a furry new face to the force


NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — With passport in paw, Bane, the Hanoverian Mountain Hound, made the long trek from Europe to New Hanover County to join one of the top canine units in the United States.

And this one-year-old pup has quite a unique career ahead of him. Sargent Jerry brewer says, “Bane is a little different, like I said than the other dogs.”

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He will be the first of his kind to join the New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office in about fifteen years. So, what exactly does that mean? “Bane has a different primary role than some of our other canines do. Bane is a tracker. His main job is tracking and he is bred for tracking” says Brewer.

And for this pooch tracking is both work and play. “For them it’s a game”. Says Brewer. “Find the person, get your toy. Find the person, get your toy.”

Bane can’t wait to get down to business. He practices by tracking Brewer with his handler Deputy Grant Greggory. In a matter of minutes Bane found Brewer and was ready for his reward.

This dog will only be trained to track. Most of Bane’s work will focus on non-dangerous searches. His special skill set will be a huge bonus for the sheriff’s office and the community.