Investigation continues into crash that killed 2, split car


LELAND, NC (WWAY) — Highway Patrol troopers are back in a Leland neighborhood today as the investigation into a weekend crash that killed two people and landed another behind bars continues. WWAY has learned Leland Police request Highway Patrol to send its accident reconstruction team to help with the investigation.

Jonathan Clark and Anika Aikman died in the crash on Grandiflora Drive in Magnolia Greens just after 4 a.m. Saturday when the car they were riding in hit a tree and split in half. The driver of the car, Eric Lavon Hill, is charged with two counts of second degree murder, two counts of felony death by motor vehicle, driving while license revoked and driving while impaired. Investigators say he left the scene of the crash. It is unclear why Hill’s license had been revoked.

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Three 911 calls came in around 4 a.m. Saturday. The first came one from Jenny Boone just moments after the car slid into her backyard.

“Somebody just ran their car into our bushes,” she told the operator.

After walking outside to check she and her husband noticed a person in the car.

“There is somebody in the passenger seat,” Boone said. “It doesn’t look like anybody is in the driver’s seat.”

Then she continues to look around.

“Half of the car. Oh, my gosh. John, half of the car is across the street,” Boone said.

And then another call from a home about half a mile away on Serene Court that may help confirm investigators’ suspicions about the car speeding.

“I was laying in bed, and you know what it sounds like when a car starts going really fast, like you can hear the rev start going up?” the male caller said. “Like I hear the rev start going up, and I hear it going, and I hear it going like really loud and fast, and then I hear a loud bang, and then tires screeching, so I’m thinking they crashed.”

And then another from a woman delivering papers on Willow Pond Lane, who thinks she saw the crash happen.

“What I saw it in my rear view mirror was I heard a crash and then I saw sparks,” the woman said.

The two halves of the car ended up on opposite sites of Grandiflora at Willow Pond Lane well past the tree the car hit.

Leland Police are asking that anyone who may have additional information about what happened before the crash call Cpl. Winder at (910) 371-1100.

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