ONLY ON 3: Animal shelter pays for Great Dane’s life-saving surgery


BURGAW, NC (WWAY) — One lucky dog starts a new chapter today after he swallowed a towel and almost died. The Pender County Animal Shelter used the last of its donation fund to help save the stray.

The unnamed Great Dane is 80 pounds, but he should be 120 pounds. Jewell Horton, the manager of the shelter, said they got a call from a neighborhood in western Pender County last Friday about a severely thin and injured dog.

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“The shelter vet looked at him and said, ‘You know we had two options,'” Horton said. “He either goes to further care immediately or he will have to be destroyed because it’s considered inhumane to let him sit at the shelter in that condition without further medical care.”

Horton says they chose to save his life, thanks to a medical fund that is supplied by donations. They took that money and the dog to the Rocky Point Animal Hospital.

Hospital owner Joni Gynp said they were shocked when they looked at his x-rays.

“We found a six-inch-long towel like a kitchen towel in his intestinal tract,” Gynp said.

That towel prevented food from digesting, something that would have killed the pup.

Now, the Great Dane is back to being a happy puppy. Horton says the shelter’s fund is so important, especially in instances like this one.

“So that we have that option on a dog that we feel is treatable to go forth and do it and have happy endings like he’s got,” Horton said.

This dog heads off to a Great Dane rescue in Huntersville Tuesday, but Horton says the shelter needs help replenishing their medical fund to help other animals like him.

If you want to donate to the fund, you can either contact the animal shelter at 910-259-1484 or send a donation to the shelter at 3280 New Savannah Road, Burgaw, NC 28425.

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