‘Talk it Out’ program reaches local middle school


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — North Carolina will be spending about $3 million per year on the new ‘Talk it Out’ program aimed at cutting down underage drinking. That money will come not from tax payer dollars, but instead from the ABC Board’s revenue.

Today speakers involved with the program went to Charles P Murray Middle School to talk with eight graders and encourage them to get the conversation started at home about the dangers of drinking underage. Josh Bennett and his mother Peggy Bennett shared their story about how their lives were changed by underage drinking.

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Josh Bennett wrecked his car when he was 18 years old and under the influence. The accident put him into a coma for months, and when he came through, he had to relearn to do everything for himself. Peggy Bennett said that one of her son’s decisions changed their lives forever.

“When Josh wrecked his car, and it caught fire, three strangers stopped and pulled him out as the fires had reached the steering wheel,” said Bennett.

Bennett said she thinks the ‘Talk it Out’ program helps both parents and students find their voices and helps to get the conversation started.