Why has it been so cold?


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — So, why has it been so cold? That’s a question on many minds right now.

Cold weather is not unusual for this time of year in southeastern North Carolina, however, the recent outbreaks of cold weather have been unusually harsh with another batch of arctic air on the way later this week.

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Stormtrack 3 Chief meteorologist Scott Dean said t all has to do with the jet stream pushing very far south in the eastern United States. That’s allowing very cold air from northern Canada to plunge very far south along the East Coast. This same jet stream pattern is also causing unusually warm temperatures in the West.

Later this week, Dean said you can expect highs to still be a good 25 degrees below our average of 60 degrees. But, Dean said there is hope.

“This unusually cold weather pattern that we’re in in the Eastern United States looks like it’s going to be around for the next week or so. There are signs that we start to see that pattern begin to break down as we head into the last part of February into early march. And I know a lot of folks are going to be happy to see that,” Dean said.

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