Wilmington-shot ‘Secrets and Lies’ not typical murder mystery


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — It’s no secret that the future of film in Wilmington might be on the cutting room floor. However, what is a secret? If you’ll like the locally-filmed “Secrets and Lies.” But it won’t be a secret much longer, as the show premieres Sunday night on WWAY.

The rain pours. His heart pounds. His breath is short. Ben Crawford has just discovered the body of a boy. A boy he knows. A boy some think he killed.

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Then come the secrets and lies.

“The title is not ‘Tom’s Murder,” said KaDee Strickland, who plays Ben’s wife Christy. “The title is ‘Secrets and Lies,’ so there’s a lot going on with the show.”

Ryan Phillippe plays the suspect Ben.

“He’s a regular guy, a blue-collar guy, who at the beginning of our story is dealing with family issues,” Phillippe said.

Juliette Lewis plays Det. Andrea Cornell.

“The way she is as a detective is obsessive, as I think all detectives have to be to a certain extent,” Lewis said of her character. “This isn’t a crime drama. It’s a character piece.”

“Secrets and Lies” is set in Charlotte, but the neighborhood, the houses, the woods? All actually in Wilmywood.

The pilot for “Secrets and Lies” was shot last spring. Then ABC picked up the 10-episode series, so the cast and crew came back to Hollywood East to film the rest mostly in Porters Neck and at EUE/Screen Gems.

“While ‘Secrets and Lies’ is a mystery, it’s not from the point of view of the detective,” Executive Producer and Showrunner Barbie Kligman said. “It’s from the point of view of the prime suspect.”

“You feel like whether you’re male or female, you find yourself thinking, ‘How would I react if I were accused,” Executive Producer Aaron Kaplan said.

Actress Natalie Martinez, who starred in the first two seasons of Wilmington-shot “Under the Dome,” returned to the Port City for “Secrets and Lies” to play Jess Mullen, the mother of the murdered boy.

“Even when you think that you believe something so much, it’s like just flip it right on you,” Martinez said. “That’s one of the exciting things about this.”

What’s also exciting?

“This case is done after 10 episodes,” Lewis said. “Then, if it gets picked up, we see me again and I’m going to help solve another case.”

But first the cast and crew says you’ll want to focus on this case.

“Secrets and Lies” is based on an Australian series of the same name. It premieres this Sunday, at 9 p.m. with a special two-hour premiere. The following week, the show will settle into its normal timeslot 9-10 p.m. taking over for “Resurrection.”