Neighborhood losing about 300 trees


LELAND, NC (WWAY) — Leland neighborhood Magnolia Greens has about 600 trees that starting tomorrow will be history. The trees are one of the first things you notice when you enter the neighborhood.

“Every other community that you go in there’s no trees period. You come in here and it’s different,” resident William Teal said.

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It’s a reason why Teal said he wanted to build his home here.

“This one here was set by itself and the trees came out at you like this is the place,” Teal said.

About half of the trees in the community will be chopped down by the end of the week, including three right outside Teal’s home.

“People want them down – people don’t want them down,” resident David Huyler said.

But regardless, those trees are coming down, because now town leaders say it’s a safety concern.

“People walk up and down the sidewalks and everything and when they run into something like this and that’s a trip hazard,” Huyler said. “You drive down in your car, your annetta hits, the garbage trucks or any large vehicle hits the trees, it’s just not a safe thing.”

Trees hanging over streets, roots cracking sidewalks, blocking street lights and sitting dangerously close to pipes and transformers. The town manager told us back in August the project is expected to cost about $25,000 and it’s set to begin tomorrow.

“I feel the same way about replacing them with something,” Viscovisch said.

He says something like small bushes or plants – something that helps keep the green in Magnolia Greens.