Squash tournament in Wilmington, still time to sign up


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The Spring Squash Championship will be held at the Wilmington Athletic Club on Friday, April 18th.

Venue: Wilmington Athletic Club
2026 S. 16th Street
Wilmington, NC 28401
Tournament Director: Ranil Goonesekera
Tel: (850) 980-7408
Email: ranil@klippenburg.com

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Levels: A and B. Events will be added, deleted or modified to suit the tournament.

Includes: Lunch sponsored by Midtown Deli & Grill and a special favor for all participants.

There will be no trophies. Sponsor Dinner Saturday Night. Dinner is sponsored by Kalaa Bazaar at Ranil Goonesekera’s house

Notes: Matches will be played on a 20ft converted squash court. All players are responsible to referee the next match on court. Eyewear with lenses is highly recommended.

Entry fee: $30.00
• Checks payable to: “Wilmington Athletic Club”

• Directions: Wilmington Athletic Club is diagonally across from New Hanover Regional Medical Center

• Hotels: Hampton Inn Medical Park

• Starting times will be e-mailed to you by afternoon on Friday, April 17th

Register Deadline: Thursday, April 16th

About Squash In Wilmington:
Wilmington Athletic Club offers the only squash court in the area. Squash community here has grown over 60 plus players since the court was constructed in 2004. Players vary from age, gender, to national origin. There are organized activities such as social nights, ladders, and now a tournament. WAC also boasts the only US Squash certified squash professional in the area.

About Squash In America and Around the Globe:
Squash is played mainly in big cities in America with a strong concentration of players in the New England States. America boasts a squash population short of a million people. Globally there are about 13 million players. US has about 1,000 squash court locations (plus ~2700 individual courts spread across the country.) There are more than 50,000 courts globally. Although there are several variations in size of a squash court depending on the form of the game being played, the most popular size of a court is 32 feet long by 21 feet wide. Once hit with a racquet, the ball can travel over 150 miles per hour. This combined with the foot speed required to get to the ball makes squash one of the fastest games in the world. In 2003 Fortune Magazine named squash as the healthiest sport to play. Squash is not an Olympic sport. It was the top sport in consideration for being added on in 2016.

To learn more about the tournament please contact Ranil Goonesekera, Squash teaching professional