Brunswick County Veteran receives own death notice

Army veteran Robert Pressley got a notice from the VA saying he is dead.

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — A local veteran says he received his own death notice from the VA.

Brunswick County Army Veteran Robert Pressley says he received a letter notifying him of his death. He says he got the notice April 28, and it was addressed to his ex-wife.

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Pressley says if this problem is not fixed very soon,  he and his family will be forced to move into a homeless shelter. Pressley says injuries from combat prevent him from working.

“This is is my only income, you know?,” he said. “I depend on this, and without this, I can do the best I can. You know it’s either that or I start selling everything I own just to make sure I meet my ends. That’s the only other thing I can do.”

Pressley says he’s contacted the VA many times, but so far nobody has been able to help him.

We contacted a VA spokesman, who told us he is passing the information along to a different department. We’ll keep you posted as soon as there is more information on this story.