Brunswick school uniform survey results in


BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — The school uniform survey results are in and the majority of Brunswick County elementary and middle school parents are saying ‘no’.

58% of parents who took the survey say they do not support their children wearing uniforms. Those opposed cited their desire for children’s choice and individuality while those in support indicated uniforms made mornings easier. 58% of staff respondents support children wearing uniforms to school.

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The current school uniform policy applies to 4 Brunswick County schools: Belville Elementary, Lincoln Elementary, Town Creek Elementary, and Leland Middle.

After reviewing the survey results earlier Tuesday, the Board’s Policy Committee is recommending the uniform policy be revoked. The full Board will consider this recommendation at their next regular scheduled meeting on Tuesday, July 7.

Parents are reminded that even if the uniform policy is revoked, all students in Brunswick County must continue to adhere to the system’s dress code.