Beach town looks to enforce equipment ordinance


ONSLOW COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — North Topsail beach town leaders passed an unattended beach equipment ordinance last year, and now they’re trying to educate people on what the newly enforced rule means.

The new ordinance says beach equipment cannot be left on the beach between 9 pm and 7 am. Beach equipment like canopies are now not allowed to be up overnight.

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The town is letting beachgoers know about the new ordinance by adding new signs, using social media and passing out brochures. One of the biggest ways the town is educating people is by having volunteers put reminder tags on the equipment.

We spoke with some beach visitors who say this new rule is unnecessary.

” I don’t like it this is the first time we’ve had one and if they are going to make us do that then I am not going to bother bringing it again,” said beach visitor David Copenhaver. ” I put a lot of time and effort into securing it and we take the cover off every night, I don’t think it’s a threat. I think they are making a mountain out of mole hill.”

A Topsail volunteer says another reason why beach equipment shouldn’t be left overnight is because it can interfere with turtle nesting.

The town says they will try to inform people of the ordinance before they begin strictly enforcing it.


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