‘It’s(sic) get better’ with new tattoo removal technology


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) —   July 17 is national Tattoo Day. It’s a day reserved for ink and the folks who wear it.

While quite a few have them, there are a lot of people who also decide they don’t want them anymore.

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There’s a place in Wilmington that has technology no one else does here in the Cape Fear. They’ll give you a blank slate.

Sometimes it’s a decision with “regret (nohing((sic)).” You “belived(sic)” it was a good idea and ended up making a “ledgendary(sic)” mistake. “I started getting tattoos the day I turned 18,” Lindsey Bridges said about her love of tattoos.

Lindsey bridges has quite a few tattoos. “It’s really one of my favorite hobbies,” she said.

She’s the first to admit that not all of them were the best of decisions. “I kind of looked back on the ones I got early on and just didn’t love the way I love other tattoos I have now.”

It’s a case of beauty and the beast and the beauty is using national Tattoo Day to remove the beast.

“There are tattoos I have right now that I look at everyday and I’m so happy I got them and to be able to get rid of the one’s you don’t feel that way about it is really great,” Bridges said.

She’s not alone. The America Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery said more Americans received tattoo removal treatment in 2013 than ever before. The rate was up 11 percent that year.

“A few people have had a word spelled incorrectly,” said Christina Lane.

Lane, of Ideal Image in Wilmington, is helping turn back the hands of time.  “It could be that it meant something to them at one point and that significance is gone now,” she said.

Their way to erase mistakes is the only of it’s kind in the Cape Fear area.

“We use Pico-Sure laser for tattoo removal at Ideal Image,” Lane said.  “It’s the most advanced technology in the world for tattoo removal.”

Lane said it takes three to 10 treatments depending on the tattoo and each treatment takes just a few minutes. She added that there’s no limitation.

“Sometimes we have a full back tattoo,” Lane added about what they have seen.

Bridges said it doesn’t really hurt that badly.

“There’s always a level of discomfort, but it’s really quick,” Bridges said.

Lane added that the treatment leaves no scars.  So, she said in return for a little sting, you get a blank slate.

Because “Nolege(sic) is power,” and “It’s(sic) get better.”

For more information on this type of laser removal, click here-> http://www.idealimage.com/wilmington/