Police seek AWOL Lejeune Marine who threatened to kill wife

Authorities said Clenard Gee-Simmons, 21, fled Camp Lejeune and could be headed to the Detroit area. The Marine said that information is incorrect. (Photo courtesy: WXYZ)

PONTIAC, Mich. (AP) — The Oakland County sheriff’s department says deputies are looking for a Marine who broke out of custody in North Carolina and is threatening to kill his estranged wife in suburban Detroit.

The department says that 21-year-old Clenard Gee-Simmons “fled from a low priority lockdown unit” at Camp Lejeune on Monday and says that he’s made “credible threats” toward his 19-year-old wife and her family, who live in Pontiac.

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The sheriff’s department says a member of Gee-Simmons’ platoon reports the Marine has an AK-47 assault rifle.

The department says he made “multiple threats” to kill his wife and her family before she left North Carolina for Michigan. It says she’s filed for divorce.

Gee-Simmons drives a 2011 Toyota Camry with metallic teal paint and the North Carolina license plate DEP 1561.

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