4 things a sandcastle butler can do for you


(ABC News) Remember when your parents took you to the beach and you were so happy that when they handed you a pail and a shovel and essentially told you to beat it for the next few hours that was totally OK?

In the world of luxury travel, kids are by no longer expected to spend the day building a sad looking sand castle and decorate it with shells. No siree. Because the latest addition to the ever-growing list of over-the top luxury travel amenities is personal sandcastle butlers for hire.

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U.K.-based Oliver’s Travels just introduced the service, priced at $465 for a half day and $775 for a full day. What exactly does a sandcastle butler do?

“From finding the correct consistency of the sand, to securing the correct water to sand ratio, Oliver’s Travels butlers will be fully trained in how to build the most impressive sculptures on the beach, and will be able to expertly secure the structural integrity of even the most extreme construction,” the company said.

Did you get that? The most impressive on the beach. The service includes:

1) A “brainstorm with your children to conjure up the most amazing sandcastle ideas.”

2) Blueprints drawn-up to help build the sandcastle.

3) An “inspection of the beach to find and reserve the best quality sand, in an area of the beach that’s away from the tide and passing beach goers.”

4) A day spent constructing the sandcastle “with the help of your youngsters.”

No one has actually booked the service yet, Oliver’s Travels spokesperson Gemma Cook told ABC News, because the butlers are “still in training.”

Once its complete, the service will be available for vacations in the U.K., Spain, France, Italy and Greece.

“Families spend a lot of quality time together building sandcastles on their holidays, but sometimes no matter how hard you try they just look like big mounds of sand,” said Oliver Bell, co-founder of Oliver’s Travels. “Now you can realize your sandy dreams with a butler who can help build anything your imagination can conjure up. We’re expecting the most popular choices this year to be the Minions, dinosaurs and Peppa Pig.”