People talk about lottery winner’s decision to bail out fiance


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The discussion of how Marie Holms is spending of her fortune is all over the internet. Prosecutors say the mother of four paid to bail out her fiancé Lamarr McDow back in March. And while the conversation about this continued online, people who were in downtown Wilmington had some thoughts to share as well.

Many people had a number of things they would spend the money on if they hit it big.

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Ashley and Randall White said they would spend money on family if they won the lottery. “I would probably try to prioritize some things first. Maybe pay some bills off, pay some money to the church, help my family out,” said White.

Joy Guinyard said she would help out her friend.

“I wouldn’t be bailing out anybody. They’d be ok. I would take care of my friend too, absolutely,” said Guinyard.

Hannah Hoggarth said if she had to bail someone out of jail she would do it.

“Winning the lottery would be really cool; I guess if you have to bail someone out of jail, you’d have to. So I probably would’ve done it too,” said Hoggarth.

While many people had their own thoughts on how they would spend a lottery jackpot. They all agreed Holms can spend the money anyway she wants to.

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