BCSO warns people about IRS scam, woman says she was threatened


SUPPLY, NC (WWAY) — Telephone scammers are targeting Brunswick County residents. Gloria Butler, a Supply resident, said she has been getting threatening phone calls from a person claiming to be from the IRS.

“He said I am from the IRS and we have a warrant for your arrest and we are coming after you,” said Butler.

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Butler said a man threatened to get her arrested her if she didn’t pay up, she said she knew immediately something wasn’t right.

“I said ‘do you think I am stupid?’ I know you’re a scam. Then that’s when he got really really angry and said some very nasty things,” said Butler.

She said he called her the B word.

“He called me a nasty name and I’ve never been talked to like that,” said Butler.

After he hung up on her Butler said he called again and then another person called this time a woman. A number of people have called over two days from multiple out of state numbers. And when we tried to call those numbers back it went straight to voice mail.

“It’s not good for my health because my heart keeps beating faster and faster and it has really upset me,” said Butler.

Butler isn’t the only who is going through this. According to the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page deputies have received a number of calls from people saying they are being threatened by the “IRS”.

Butler says she is wary of unknown numbers and she just wants others to be careful as well.

“People be aware, please. There’s people that are naïve don’t let people control you,” said Butler.

The Brunswick County Sheriff’s office has some things for people to remember. They says the IRS will never call to demand immediate payment without mailing out a bill first. They will not ask for credit card information over the phone. And the IRS will never threaten to bring in local law enforcement to have you arrested for not paying.