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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Friday night’s blue moon offered one business a chance to celebrate. The Tidal Creek Co-op in Wilmington hosts a party every full moon but Friday night’s event was a rare occurrence.

Mitch Duke is a regular at the Tidal Creek Co-op for one simple reason.
“They cook a lot better than I do,” said Duke. “I eat here twice a day everyday.”

Duke is one of many who likes to take advantage of the locally grown food, but it’s also the events that keeps him coming back.

“We have it out on the deck and there’s music and events going on but looks like tonight its just going to be inside,” said Duke.

The “Howl at the Moon” party was planned in honor of the rare blue moon, a full moon that appears a second time in a month. This time they even had Blue Moon Brewery Company beer on sale. And though the moon is rare, Christopher Copeland, a chef, said the celebrations at this co-op aren’t.

“It’s really celebrating just a beautiful event that happens every 28 days. The moon rises and of course there’s an energy around and we are just celebrating that and throwing a big party, cooking good for everybody,” said Copeland.

Will Copeland, another chef, said these celebrations are not only for co-op owners.

“It gets everybody involved gets all the families, and stuff, owners and to try to spread the word to people who aren’t owners to come and see, because there’s people in Wilmington who don’t know we are here,” said Copeland.

Employees tell us they are always looking for more owners and community events like these are one way to reach out to potential owners.


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  • Eenig Maticc

    “The Tidal Creek Co-op … hosts a party every full moon ” so this time, when they did the same exact thing they always do, it’s newsworthy because of a silly mathematical coincidence?


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