Wilmington’s Tamera Young set to return to action on Tuesday


CHICAGO, IL (WWAY) — Tamera Young played injury free for the most part in her first seven years in the WNBA. This season, which is her 8th, has been a bit different. The Laney High grad injured her thumb in early June. “This is my first time sitting out this long during my WNBA season and when I came back from Brazil, I felt like I was in the best shape of my life since college,” Young told us recently in Wilmington. Young, a starting forward for the Chicago Sky, underwent surgery to repair a torn ligament that she suffered in practice. “It happened in practice, a girl was dribbling going to the basket with the ball and I was knocking the ball out of hand. I had a displacement with my thumb and I kept playing with it for a couple of weeks,” Young said. “I knew something was wrong because when I got hit it was like excruciating pain. I told my trainer that I needed to get it checked because it hurt bad. We thought it was just a sprain so we got an MRI and I found out I completely tore my ligament, so a  few days later I had surgery.”

Young is hoping to be back on the court for the WNBA Chicago Sky on Tuesday. “It makes me really hungry from being out and having to just watch the game for this long period of time, as it being the first time, it makes me really want to come back.”

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Tamera Young organized a 3-on-3 basketball tournament to raise money for cancer research over the weekend. Her dad died of cancer this past April. Here’s a link to the story we did with Tamera Young earlier this week involving the 3-on-3 event.