Alligator spotted in Surf City canal


SURF CITY, NC (WWAY) — Surf City leaders are warning neighbors and visitors about an alligator swimming in the canals.

People up and down 6th and 7th streets say they’ve seen the alligator. ¬†They brought their concerns to police and wildlife officials last week, but wildlife officers say they can’t trap and move the alligator unless it poses a real threat.

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Edna Grabol says she is worried this gator is already threatening.

“I’m concerned about the fact that I have family that swims in the canal and there are other kids and adults that like to swim in the canal,” Grabol said. “We have paddle boats and kayaks and we just kind of enjoy the water, but now we’re afraid to get in.”

Wildlife officer Daniel Kennedy warned feeding an alligator could result in the animal losing its fear of people, making it more likely to approach and possibly attack someone.

The Surf City Police Department is respectfully asking those who live on the canal streets to use caution and follow Officer Kennedy’s advice. The town said to call the Police Department if you have any further questions.