Gun laws discussed following TV news crew shooting


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — While family, friends and coworkers mourn the loss of Alison Parker and Adam Ward, Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe said he is looking at gun violence in the state. He said there are too many guns in the hands of people that shouldn’t have guns. Wednesday night WWAY spoke with some people about gun laws.

Ryan Hurst, sales associate at Shooter’s Choice gun range in Wilmington, said the current gun laws in North Carolina work. He said criminal background checks and mental health screenings are enough.

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“The only thing that probably would have helped in this situation, if it is a basis of mental health, would have been if someone who was close to this person speaking up,” said Hurst. “No law can stop someone if somebody else does not report it.”

Those in the firearms business say the problems come when mental health issues or other behaviors aren’t reported or when people get guns from personal sellers.

Stacey Best said there is a need for strict gun laws.

“There have been far too many examples of recent I’m just going to call them outbreaks with guns getting in the hands of the wrong people for any more lenient gun laws than there already are,” said Best.

Those we spoke with Wednesday night believe mental illness seems to be linked to many of the shootings we’ve seen in this country.