Bottoms Up CEO: ‘Kinda like Dominos, but for alcohol’


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Alcoholic beverages delivered right to your home? That’s what one new Wilmington business is planning to bring to the Port City.

In today’s fast-paced world we like having access to just about everything right at our fingertips. And now, you can order your favorite adult beverages online or on your smartphone.

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Bottoms Up is an alcohol delivery service that delivers beer and wine to houses and apartments all across the Port City. From Downtown to Porters Neck and from Monkey Junction to Wrightsville Beach, Bottoms Up will even deliver beer and wine to docked boats within their delivery zone.

“We’re going to start with the mainstream beers. You know the Bud Lights, the Yuengling, the PBR, we kinda want to hit everyone. But we want your feedback and so we’re going to have an application where you can actually request beer,” said Shelby Brayton, the CEO.

But there are still rules to home deliveries.

“You know if you’re over-intoxicated, you have minors with you, or some reason like that, you’re not getting served,” Brayton said.

And there are limits.

“There is a maximum amount of beer and wine that we can serve,” Brayton said.

Alcohol Law Enforcement said the same laws apply to the delivery service as apply to bars and restaurants. They said they will monitor the business just as closely as they would any other location serving adult beverages.

Bottoms Up launches on September 10 and the first deliveries go out September 11.