World’s Largest Living Christmas Tree to be cut down ‘soon’


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A piece of Wilmington’s history will not stand much longer.

CFPUA spokesman Mike McGill says the utility plan to cut down a live oak next to the Sweeney Water Treatment Plant known as the World’s Largest Living Christmas Tree. McGill said there’s not yet a firm timeline on when the tree will come down, but he said his boss told him it would happen “soon.”

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For years the City of Wilmington’s annual Christmas celebration was held at the World’s Largest Living Christmas Tree, which saw Santa arrive on a fire truck to help light the tree.

Wilmington City Council voted to end the tradition in 2012 because of concerns of safety at the site and the health of the tree, which has been struggling for years. The vote moved the celebration to the Rotary Wheel outside Greenfield Lake Amphitheater.

Today City Council members received a pair of proposals to move the ceremony again. This time it would be at Legion Stadium, where the non-profit group Wilmington City Progress has offered to plant a new live oak.

McGill say CFPUA plans to give wood from the old tree to Wilmington City Progress, which wants to make mementos to sell to help cover the costs of starting the new tradition.