BOLIVA, NC (WWAY) — An unwanted animal can mean a death sentence. That is unless you have the ability to remove those first two letters.

Lauryn Zepeda is expanding her talent of removing the “u” and “n” to simply create the word wanted. She’s our Extraordinary Person of the Week for saving Gibson.

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When we first introduced you to Zepeda, we learned of her Clicks of Confidence training technique. She uses positive reinforcement to bring out the best in an animal.

Gibson4Her unique way of training animals gives them a second chance.

“I’ve done it to help encourage homes for the unwanted horse,” Zepeda said. “To showcase the mustang’s adoptabilty.”

Now, she’s working with an alpaca named Gibson. Gibson just wasn’t working out at a petting zoo, so she’s saving Gibson.

“He’s learning at a different rate than the horses. He’s not as athletic,” Zepeda said. “I’m not going to say he’s not as good, but in the same way they can, he can showcase his own unique abilities.”

Gibson, Gringo, and Lauryn
Gibson, Gringo and Lauryn

Gibson is learning through Zepeda’s positive reinforcement, and in turn he may inspire others to find their strengths, too.

“I know he and the horses get along well,” Zepeda said of her new addition. “He’ll be performing with my Clicks of Confidence program, because it shows you that everything has its own capability.”

The extraordinary tale of tails will soon be at an elementary school to teach, too.

“It’s Homewood Elementary in Conway, SC. I do it every year,” Zepeda said. “It’s called the Reading Rodeo, and I go out and demonstrate the positive reinforcement with the horses. This time with Gibson the alpaca, too.”

Zepeda has a knack for helping the unwanted become wanted, And THAT is extraordinary.

For more information on Clicks of Confidence and upcoming events, click here

Saving Gibson
Saving Gibson
Saving Gibson
Saving Gibson
Saving Gibson
Saving Gibson