McCrory signs law streamlining ride sharing regulations

CHARLOTTE, NC (WWAY) — Ride sharing services like Uber and Lyft officially have the green light in North Carolina.
“This law will help ride sharing companies and the people who use them flourish while increasing safety,” McCrory said. “It encourages competition, innovation and opens the door to individual entrepreneurship while helping North Carolinians connect with businesses, education, concerts, sporting events and each other.”
The new law regulates transportation network companies by requiring liability insurance for cars and background checks for drivers. The bill also requires a $5,000 application fee for an operating permit and a $5,000 renewal fee.

“It’s a great day for riders and drivers in North Carolina,” Uber North Carolina General Manager Arathi Mehrotra, who attended the signing, said. “We thank Gov. McCrory and all parties involved for officially welcoming choice, innovation and opportunity across the state.”