WWAY’s angle on a play that made ESPN’s SportsCenter is the best


RALEIGH, NC (WWAY) — Over the weekend NC State beat Troy 49-21. The wolfpack offense was awfully impressive.
The Pack defense had their moments too, but there was no bigger moment than the one we captured in the 3rd quarter with the WWAY sports camera.

In Raleigh they’re calling it “The Hit.” “The Hit” by Dravious Wright on Brandon Silvers made ESPN’s SportsCenter Top 10. After all, how often do you see a quarterback’s helmet fly off?  From all different angles it’s a vicious, decapitating hit, but it’s also a clean hit. You could perhaps even call it perfect or textbook and you can see and hear it the best on the angle from the WWAY sports camera.

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“When I saw the running back look away and go away it was like I got to get this play,” Dravious Wright told WWAY. ” I had to make the tackle. Their quarterback is a tough guy. He got right back up and came back into the game so I salute him on that one.”

Brandon Silvers is the Troy quarterback. “I didn’t see the guy,” Silvers said after Troy’s 49-21 loss to NC State on Saturday. “He just bulldozed me, I wasn’t going to just lay on the ground. I got to get off the field so my momma won’t worry about me.”

That’s nice to say, but somebody else’s momma might be worried this weekend when Dravious Wright returns to Carter-Finley stadium to chase someone else’s son. “This is one thing they’ve been talking about all summer is give me one crumb,” Wright told WWAY. “Coach gave me my crumb and I had to go crash it out. I recovered the fumble. I saw his helmet at first and then the ball popped up from underneath his helmet and I had to get the ball.”

“It was a field blitz. The quarterback went from the battery to the field. He(Dravious) did a good job hitting him in the chest and it was a nice legal hit,” NC State head coach Dave Doeren commented after the NC State win. “He knocked the ball out and recovered the fumble. It was a huge play. We then scored a touchdown and that put the game away.