Charlotte YMCA to remove monument with Confederate flag

(Photo: Charlotte Observer, John D. Simmons)

CHARLOTTE, NC (AP) — The YMCA in Charlotte plans to remove a monument with a carving of the Confederate flag as it starts a renovation project.

Multiple media outlets report that the YMCA plans to remove a monument to the North Carolina Military Institute that has been in front of the building since 1994.

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The monument includes a carving of the Confederate flag. The military institute was located at the site when it opened in 1859.

The YMCA is spending $20 million on a renovation of its flagship location.

The Sons of Confederate Veterans raised about $3,500 to have the marker installed. The United Daughters of the Confederacy have a bronze plaque on the back of the monument. YMCA executive director Chris Orr says he wants the two organizations to take the monument.

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