Cockatoo with dinosaur-like screech vexes neighbors


BROOKLINE, Mass. (AP) — A cockatoo with the screech of a dinosaur is vexing residents of a tony Boston suburb.

The white bird, named Dino because of his annoying call, flew away from his owner in July and into the trees of Brookline.

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He’s been gnawing on the woodwork of the Nancy Gertner’s historic home. Gertner is a retired federal judge and senior lecturer at Harvard Law School.

The Boston Globe reports animal control officials were called and no one will trap the bird.

She left food in a cage and a string to close the door. Dino refused the bait and squirrels ate the food. Loud rock ‘n’ roll music and a blaring house alarm failed to chase Dino away.

Gertner may have to make peace with Dino; she’s run out of ideas to get rid of him.

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