Water main break leads to muddy road for drivers

Anchor Village Lane

SOUTHPORT, NC (WWAY) – Some Southport residents say effects from this month’s historic rain and flooding and still taking a toll on the Cape Fear.

The aftermath of a broken water main is causing problems for a neighborhood in Brunswick County.  People who live near Anchor Village Lane, off of Highway 133, are having problems driving in and out of their neighborhood because of all the mud.

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One man says the mud is so bad, that even cars with 4-wheel drive are having a hard time passing through.

“After the big rain, this road was kind of muddy but a water main had popped up because of all the mud, ” said Drew Hampton. “The county came out, they fixed the water main today and they left this big pile of dirt back there and nobody can get in or out.”

Hampton says one of the biggest concerns is the ability for an ambulance to get through the road during an emergency.

Amanda Hutchenson, the Public Information Officer for Brunswick County, said a crew repaired the broken water main and placed fill dirt back in the area, but did not leave a pile of dirt.

Hutchenson said the road is privately owned, so residents are responsible for the road’s condition.