Hundreds of garments donated to NICU babies at NHRMC


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY ) — A special delivery was made at a hospital today for their youngest patients.

A group of women known as Sea Trail Grandmas volunteered hundreds of hours to knit garments for the very special babies.

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New mother Amanda Hodgin has spent the last 9 weeks in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at New Hanover Regional Medical Center. During that time it can be difficult for families, but the Sea Trail Grandmas are trying to make it a little easier.

The volunteer group donated 750 items for babies just like Hodgin’s baby girl Rose.

“It’s scary having a preemie in intensive care and if we can bring a little bit of color or a cute little hat, a pumpkin hat, to make a family happy we were happy to do that,” said Sea Trail Grandmas Member Betty Ann Luff.

Hodgin says she appreciates all the love she has received from them.

“I think it’s amazing,” said Hodgin. “We are so grateful for people helping us out and just their love that they are giving us just really gives us the strength to get through a tough situation like this.”

Hodgin’s daughter will stay at the NICU through Halloween trying to get stronger.

“Whether your baby is at the NICU or whether your baby is home, you still want to celebrate holidays with your child,” said Director of Volunteer and Auxiliary Services Eileen McConville. “They give something for the fall and they will be back for Christmas time with Santa caps. At Easter, they make bonnets. They really do beautiful work and it’s all with caring for the babies in mind.”

Sea Trail Grandmas began donating pieces back in 2009 that were knit on their time and money. With more than 10,000 pieces donated, the hospital gave the group $1,000 to continue making blankets, hats, and gowns for the babies.

NHRMC President of Auxiliary Pat Dagnon said, “We decided several years ago, we need to reimbursed them for some of the materials because they need to use special wools and special cloths and things for their projects for our small, little, frail infants.”

The group also delivers items to Novant Health Brunswick Medical Center for newborn babies and children.

Luff says they are always looking for more volunteers.
Find out how to get involved.