Rivera says he’s ‘talked to’ Newton about taking down banner


AP Sports Writer

CHARLOTTE, NC (AP) – Panthers coach Ron Rivera says he’s spoken to Cam Newton about ripping down a Green Bay Packers banner before Sunday’s game, although he wouldn’t elaborate on what he told the fifth-year quarterback.

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Rivera says, “It’s being taken care of.”

Rivera says the Panthers are reaching out to the family which had the sign that read “North Carolina Cheeseheads” with a Packers logo on it, taken away. However, team spokesman Steven Drummond says he’s not sure what the team’s plans are for the family.

Newton took exception to the pro-Packers banner.

He said after Sunday’s 37-29 win it was a matter of respect and “it’s something that I feel it was my due diligence to protect” the stadium.

The NFL says Newton won’t be subject to discipline.

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