Brunswick Co. Sheriff leads candid conversation on heroin problem


BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — The Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office is asking for your help with an overwhelming heroin problem.

Tuesday night, at the first of a series of meetings, Sheriff John Ingram openly discussed the issue that is happening in Brunswick and New Hanover counties.

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In a room full of Brunswick County residents, local pastor Bill Nagron was just one of many listening and talking about heroin in his area.

“The heroin situation is decimating our area, so many young people,” Nagron said.

He said the problem affects more than just the user.

“I can’t tell you how many families and moms and dads come crying to me about what they’re going through,” Nagron said.

That is why Ingram said he is bringing the community together for a candid conversation about what the Sheriff’s Office is doing about it and why he needs help from the public.

“We have to work more with the community and get their feedback,” Ingram said.

The sheriff said the community has to come forward with what they know and what they hear even if it is about someone they know.

“It’s not just a law enforcement issue,” Ingram said.

While the sheriff and the drug task force work on getting the dealers off the streets, Nagron hopes the rest of the community will come together to do their part.

“You have to be really honest,” Nagron said. “I think the problem is that drugs have such a terrible stigma that people pretend it’s not really happening.”

Nagron said it is happening and everyone needs to start talking about it.

The next meeting will be in January in Shallotte.