FIRST ON 3: Man pleads guilty in church camp sex crimes


BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Clyde Wesley Way, 70, pleaded guilty to four counts of indecent liberties with a child today for an incident at Fort Caswell in 2013.

Way entered a plea bargain that dismissed charges of indecent exposure against him. Way was sentenced to 58-day active sentence and three years probation. He could have served up to 19 years in prison if given the maximum sentence. Way will serve 29 days, then go home for 30 days, then go back and serve the remaining 29 days. This is to prevent any troubles with his Social Security money impacting his family.

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Brunswick County Sheriff”s Deputy Holly Locklear said she was assigned to the case in 2013. Locklear said the Bethlehem Baptist Church from Stanly County took a trip to Ft. Caswell from June 24-29, 2013. During that time, Way was a chaperone for four young boys. According to Locklear, the boys slept in the same room as Way, the youngest even sleeping in the same bed as him. During the trip Way played “strip war,” a card game, with the boys. Locklear said in their testimony the boys said they were all completely nude, including Way. The youngest boy also claimed that Way touched him inappropriately.

During victim impact statements, family members of the boys said the now teenagers are ashamed of what happened. Several parents said it is now hard for them to trust anyone around their children. One of the boys had a parent read a statement for him which said in part, “I have to think twice before undressing. For example when I play football. It makes it hard for me to trust coaches after something a sick person did.”

Way’s wife’s best friend called him a wonderful person and a good Christian. “I don’t think he done this to be harmful to anybody,” said Way’s friend of 50 years. “I think it was just a dumb mistake.”