Sheriffs show support for McCrory’s refugee concerns


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Several sheriffs in North Carolina have shown their support for the governor’s remarks on Syrian refugees after the terror attacks in Paris.

On Monday, Gov. McCrory announced he was one of many governors in the country who were concerned about allowing refugees into the Tar Heel state, amid reports one of the Paris terror suspects came into that city posed as a refugee.

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“I am now requesting the president and federal government cease sending refugees from Syria to North Carolina,” McCrory said at a news conference in Charlotte.

After that announcement, the NC Sheriffs’ Association sent a statement which includes excerpts below:

“The Sheriffs of NC represent the people of their county with integrity and honor… the listed sheriffs support the efforts of Governor McCrory in assuring that no refugees are permitted in our state, without proper vetting… This is not a political issue, it is a public safety issue.”

In the list several sheriffs were named, including Brunswick County Sheriff John Ingram. The next closest sheriff was Onslow County Sheriff Hans Miller. Sheriff Ingram posted the statement and its list on his Facebook page.

“This is a decision that I had to make based on what I believe is the best way to protect the citizens of Brunswick County, something I swore to do not only when I took office, but when I first took my oath as a deputy many years ago,” Ingram posted in a comment. “I am no politician. I am a law enforcement officer and I will protect the citizens of this county even it means losing the support of those who disagree. I hope you can respect my perspective in the same manner as I respect yours, even if our perspectives are different.”

Lt. Jerry Brewer with the New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office said Friday morning he wasn’t sure if Sheriff Ed McMahon would add his name to the list, saying the sheriff was out of town on vacation. Brewer said the sheriff does support McCrory’s call for thoroughly vetting Syrian refugees, but he also supports immigration. Brewer said that topic hits home for McMahon, saying both of the sheriff’s grandfathers were immigrants.