Get into the Christmas and American spirit at the same time


NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — You expect to see red, white and green during Christmas, but maybe not red, white and blue. This year, you will see just that at one Ogden home.

With the help of friends, Mark Rohde said he hung lights from a 66-foot flag pole in his yard on Walking Horse Court in the Courtney Pines neighborhood.

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The result is a lit-up rendition of the American flag in the shape of a Christmas tree complete with the stars and stripes. Rohde topped it off with a six-foot star.

He said the reaction to it has been passionate and patriotic.

“A lot of guys in the military have been coming by to check it out, obviously because it’s the American flag,” Rohde said. “So, we’ve had a ton of those people come by and check it out. Yeah, we’ve had guys get out of the car and salute the tree. It’s pretty cool.”

Rohde said he put up the combination of Christmas and American spirit to honor his family’s military history, and to unite Americans.

You can find Rohde’s display by taking Market Street north past Gordon Road, taking a left onto Torchwood Boulevard, and a right onto Walking Horse Court. You can’t miss it.