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Billboard on Interstate 77 near Charlotte (Photo: WSOC-TV)

CHARLOTTE, NC (WWAY) — A billboard in Charlotte is causing controversy for showing Santa Claus with an assault rifle.

The sign reads quote: Santa knows what you really want. The billboard is for the retail store Blackstone Shooting Sports.

The billboard was recently put up on Interstate 77 in Charlotte. The image of the gun-toting Santa focusing on a target has many people in the area shaking their heads.

Click here to see what the comapany had to say about it from WSOC-TV. 


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  • Christopher Meyers

    Santa has hobbies just like everyone else. Besides, when he takes his reindeer and sleigh to deliver presents to the few Christian children in the middle east, he’ll need a few AR’s and couple of cases of ammo to protect himself and his staff to include deer old Rudolph! You go Santa!!! Never mind the whiney-butt, anti-gun ascairty cats! Too bad they don’t let you drink liquor, wine, egg nog and smoke ciggies on TV like they used to in the old days! These PC people make me SICK!!!

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